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    • dongguan-steel-structure-processing-plant-02

      ​​Dongguan Steel Structure Processing Plant Off-season and Peak Season and Countermeasures

      2021.03.05 / By hqt / Tags: Tags:

    • steel-structure-workshop-02

      Components and Advantages of Steel Structure Workshop

      2021.03.05 / By 2021.03.05 / Tags: Tags:

    • steel-structure-exports-to-the-philippines-02

      ​The Rapid Growth of Steel Structure Exports to the Philippines

      2021.03.05 / By hqt / Tags: Tags:

      Hongye Steel Structure has taken over a major project in the Philippines this year, a 200,000-square-meter steel structure industrial park in Clark Freeport, which uses more than 6,000 tons of steel. This industrial park was invested and constructed by a Chinese company in the Philippines. In the first phase of the project, 98 cabinets were ...