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    Why do you need China steel structure services?

    2021.11.22 / by hqt / Share

    China steel structure: What You Need to Know

    Accidents do happen, but many could be avoided with regular prevention and inspection actions. This statement is absolute when it comes to china steel structure as the structures are large and guarantee the organization of all types of stocks.

    China steel structure

    However, a lot is still questioned about what it is and how to properly inspect and monitor the steel structure. With this, our objective is to demystify the information. This has become public about this market and helps the community to have a better understanding of the subject.

    We’ve lined up some important questions and answers. This will help the industry in this understanding, sharing the years of experience that we have Good reading!

    1- What is china steel structure?

    China steel structure is equipment intended for the “storage” of materials of the most varied types. They have their own nomenclatures according to dimensions, weight and materials to store. In addition, there is variation according to the modus operandi of users and the equipment that is common to supply or destock them.

    The variables we describe above allow a steel structure to take the form of a bookcase. This come with a height equivalent to a human being, operated manually, to a self-supporting pallet truck, tens of meters high, operated by means of an automatic stacker crane that exceeds 1 ton.

    2- Why is the china steel structure complex?

    These are pre-engineered systems, generally come of carbon steel, from cold-formed profiles. Composed of elements perforated and executed from semi-rigid connections – normally only by fitting elements or using screws, the systems usually mount directly on the concrete floor of the sheds, being free of any type of foundation.

    Due to their constructive characteristics, china steel structure experience different types of non-linearity phenomena.

    Such is the complexity of the solution that experimental tests commonly suggest for a better understanding of the performance of the systems. This is also making it possible to obtain empirical parameters. Moreover, these are common in the design formulations of the elements that make up the product.

    Should china steel structure follows some type of technical standard?

    In Brazil, there is currently a technical standard on the subject. The reference is about selective pallet-type steel structures, with some accessories and subtle typological variations.

    However, there are many other technical standards for china steel structure international origin that also broadly address the subject.

    Is the steel structure always the same, anywhere in the world?

    No, even supported by technical standards, manufacturers have variable manufacturing resources, which results in end products with different characteristics. Usually, the characteristics of a product from a supplier are not compatible. There isolate cases of interchangeable products.

    Therefore, china steel structure, although “similar”, present significant differences between them. Furthermore, this includes with regard to issues relevant to the product’s finishing, especially the pre-treatment and painting steps. Variation in the type of steel, profiles and connection types is very common.

    What is the best steel, the best profile and the best connection type for a steel structure?

    There is no objective answer to this question. A product designed within current regulations. This meets the customer’s use is the best product there can be.

    It has variations in steel, profile and other constructive details. Moreover, this also includes the type of connection between elements- are inherent to the flexibility offered by technical standards.

    Therefore, it is wrong to imagine that china steel structure is more or less safe than another just because it comes of a certain type of steel. It consists of a specific type of profile. Strictly speaking, the basic condition for safety is compliance with normative guidelines.

    The recommendations provided for in the standard is easy to meet in the most varied ways possible, making it possible to obtain solutions that, despite having different means, have the same purpose.

    The product we assemble according to the user’s needs

    It can, but it shouldn’t. Typically, the steel structure design for a specific purpose has a certain demand. The document that presents this particularity is the “project”. Normally, it presents all the characteristics of the product, the implementation details and the limits of its use, including the load capacity.

    China steel structure

    As it is a pre-engineered product, china steel structure often see as flexible to change, after all, it is impossible not to associate your constructive proposal.

    For example: As unintuitive as it may sound, removing storage tiers from a particular selective pallet truck and the consequent reduction in total stored overhead does not necessarily lead to a safer solution.

    Can the china steel structure be assembled by any professional?

    It can, but china steel structure shouldn’t again. Behind the ease of snapping connections and the installation of screws, there are many executive procedures. These ensure that strict regulatory tolerances are adhered to.

    Assembling requires more affordable resources when compared to the execution of other solutions, mainly due to the pre-engineered nature of the product.

    What advantages china steel structure brings to you?

    However, it presents a combination of factors that demand from the proper sequence of screw tightening to an adequate way to manipulate during assembly. Thus, a proper assembly is essential for establishing the required levels of safety and for the product to actually behave as it design.

    Furthermore, we should note that the assembly aims not only to structure the china steel structure but also to circumvent small deviations. We frequently observe in the installations – such as, for example, any unevenness in the floor of the assembly site.

    Why only we do not solve all the problems of a steel structure?

    This links the technical responsibility of a professional (individual) or a legal entity to a certain “solution”.  It can be a product, a service or any other activity p by an engineering professional.

    The mere fact that and we exists does not guarantee that a particular product design in accordance with regulatory guidelines. Therefore, china steel structure offers adequate levels of safety.

    We simply guarantee that there is a CPF and/or a CNPJ responsible for the solution. They will possibly respond in the most varied spheres for the claim.

    Therefore, we are a guarantee of attribution of responsibility and not a resource that makes a given solution inert to fortuitous events.

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