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    How to Extend the Service Life of Metal Buildings?

    2021.12.30 / by ren / Share

    How to Extend the Service Life of Metal Buildings?

    With the increasing use of steel structures in buildings, while adding a vibrant color to our city, in addition to the aesthetic appeal of prefab steel buildings, people also care about their usability and service life. As we all know, the service life of reinforced concrete structures is typically about 60 years, and the existence of brick-concrete structures is about 50 years.

    How long is the service life of steel structures?

    From a technical data analysis, the strength of the steel structure is very good, and it will not be a problem for 100 years. Many steel structures in Europe are about 100 years old, like the Eiffel Tower in France. However, steel structures have a useful life span of 50 to 100 years for a variety of reasons.

    How to extend the service life of steel structures?

    Many steel architects do not know that the construction of steel house houses is a very difficult and complex task. Some details determine the service life of the metal structure. This detail will certainly extend the life of the steel structures.

    1. Installation of steel structure and fire prevention measures:

    Metal has the characteristics of high power, good thermal conductivity, good electrical conductivity, etc. When taking the steps of separation, you should pay attention to fire safety. When the temperature of the metal is above 150 ° C, the hardness decreases. At this temperature, the steel structure house will have a severe deformation under its own weight, which will cause instability for the entire steel structure house. Therefore, fire protection measures should be taken against steel structure structures.

    2. Stainless steel roof design:

    The design of the roof of a steel structure should take into account the function of waterproofing and waterproofing the roof. Therefore, in design, the roof slope should not be less than 5 degrees, especially when there is heavy rain and snow. The slope of the roof of metal buildings should be determined by local snow or rain. In an emergency, when heavy rains hit, the drainage work should be done properly, and the water should not accumulate or leak. If a flood enters the house, it will directly affect the service life of the house.

    3. Set temperature-sensitive cracks on both sides of the steel structure.

    The extension of the integrated design of steel structure structures will change due to the natural environment temperature. The temperature of the metal structure itself will change as the temperature of the outdoor space changes. A change in the temperature of the steel structure will cause a prefabrication of the steel structure, which will cause the pressure of the steel structure temperature. The living space of the steel structure is larger, the heat pressure increases. Therefore, in order to avoid excessive heat stress, it is necessary to set the temperature-sensitive cracks on both sides of the steel structure.

    4. Treatment of corrosion of steel structures:

    Because some parts of metal structures are exposed to air, especially in humid areas. It is more likely to cause corrosion of the metal structure. Even metal structures in areas of corrosive gases, corrosion will be much worse. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to this point in the use of steel structure structures and take measures to combat corrosion. Metal corrosion can cause significant losses. Only adequate protection can ensure the long life of steel structures. Anti-corrosion coatings are a common form of protection.
    5. Fully understand the natural environment
    Fully understand the environment, geological conditions, and climate, such as rainfall, wind size, wind direction, and whether it is dangerous. It is important to understand this and to build a basic plan based on the above scenario.

    6. Never change without permission

    After the installation of the steel structure is completed, the owner must not change without permission, nor can he dismantle or alter parts of the steel structure. Unauthorized reconstruction may result in the collapse of the building.

    7. Open the windows to let in air

    Opening windows for regular ventilation can help the air circulation in the house and keep the house dry and avoid insects.

    8. Regular maintenance

    During the use of steel structure structures, they should be kept periodically, which will greatly extend the service life. Under normal circumstances, the rust of steel structures is 0.4mm every ten years, so we should also pay attention to environmental conditions and care issues.
    It was believed that if the above points were reached, the service life of steel structures would greatly increase.

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