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    The Project of Maldives Engineering

    2021.06.30 / by hqt Share

    Our company has undertaken a large number of projects in Maldives and exported a large number of steel structure materials. As an island country, the Maldimaterials, and China’s steel structure materials are cost-effective because they are the main choice for local customers.


    This project is a four-story steel structure dormitory with a required load-bearing capacity of 2.5KN/㎡. We designed drawings according to customer requirements and provided calculations for customer confirmation. After the customer confirmed that there was no problem, he could not come to inspect the factory in person due to the new crown epidemic.


    Because he entrusted his good friend in China to come to see the factory, his friend took a lot of videos and pictures and sent him after he came, he was satisfied with the scale of our company and the quality of the products, and soon signed a cooperation agreement with us.





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