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    The Project of Philippines Power Plant

    2021.06.30 / by hqt Share


    The steel structure power plant project is located in Davao City, the third largest city in the Philippines, a densely populated and economically developed city.

    However, due to poor infrastructure, Filipino residents often face a shortage of electricity supply and no electricity is available. As the population of Davao City, the lack of electricity is even more serious. Therefore, the owner plans to build a thermal power plant in the local area to help thousands of nearby households. Residents provide electricity to solve the plight of some residents’ long-term lack of electricity.


    Because the project is very close to the sea, it is often hit by typhoons. Therefore, the owner requires that the steel structure power plant can withstand the wind speed of 250km/h, and the steel structure materials should use epoxy zinc-rich paint with better corrosion resistance to improve use life.


    And because the height of the steel structure is more than 12 meters, due to safety considerations, we do not have sections. Therefore, a 45-foot container was used to transport this batch of materials to Davao, Philippines. The owner also quickly arranged a familiarity The Chinese steel structure standard engineers came to install it, and it was successfully installed and put into use.


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