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    Prefab steel warehouse in the Philippines

    2022.01.12 / by prefab-steel Share

    The SKMTI prefab steel warehouse is a project consisting of 11 set 30-meter-span portal steel structure warehouses located in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. The total area of the project is 16,920 square meters. Hongye Steel Structure is responsible for the one-stop service of drawing design, material processing and installation guidance. The total construction period is eight months. The customer is very satisfied with the quality of our project after acceptance.

    Steel structure warehouse

    This prefab steel warehouse is required to be able to resist a typhoon of 200km/h, and it needs to have good thermal insulation. Therefore, our designers use 0.6mm color steel plate + 50mm glass wool as the roof maintenance structural material, and each warehouse is equipped with air towers and shutters to maintain the indoor temperature at a normal level. In addition, in order to increase the transparency of the interior, we put FRP lighting panels on the roof and wall, so that there is sufficient sunlight inside the warehouse.

    Steel structure design drawings

    The owner specially asked us to design according to the terrain, because this project is on a hillside, and the terrain is high in the west and low in the east. Therefore, we sent engineers to the site to measure the dimensions before designing, and customers felt that we were very responsible for our work.

    In order to complete the construction faster and better, the customer asked us to arrange two engineers to guide the installation on site. After the professional guidance of our engineers, the local workers quickly mastered the installation steps, and the whole project was completed quickly. Now the warehouse has been When it is put into use, the customer is quite satisfied with our service, and will continue to cooperate with us on other steel structure projects in the later stage.

    Steel loading

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