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    10 Steel Structure Warehouse Design Ideas in 2021

    2021.11.22 / by hqt / Share

    Continuously train employees at distribution centers. When the company’s priority is not the organization of goods within the distribution center and steel structure warehouse design, it is common for employees to focus on other details, leaving the organization in the background.

    Steel Structure Warehouse Design

    To avoid this lack of dedication, the recommendation is to invest in training for the entire work team. The objective is to show the technological tools and how they work, in order to quickly and organize the products inside a warehouse. Specific courses and lectures related to security and logistics are also worth giving.

    How is the stock organization of your distribution centers or warehouses?

    The answers to these questions are part of a strategy that will only be effective if there is a good organization, in addition to a real inventory control of these stocks.  This control must be present from the arrival of products to the segmentation of items on shelves.

    The stock in steel structure warehouse design must also be visible and easy to handle, both for removing the products and for their replacement.   

    For greater organization, shelves, for example, are recommended. They are versatile and have accessories that meet the most diverse needs of warehouses and distribution centers, with a lower implementation cost when compared to other storage systems.

    Have a very well-planned delivery schedule?

    In any company, transparency and effective delivery are key success factors.  Therefore, have a plan that identifies the best routes through logistical intelligence. This is capable of contributing to the good performance of services.

    What are the routes that associate greater safety in displacement with the shortest distance and travel time? In addition to customers receiving goods faster, your company also saves time and fuel, allowing for greater flexibility in processes and to have steel structure warehouse design.

    10 commandments of warehouse ergonomics

    Ergonomics is currently a topic with great recurrence in the world of work. It is up to you to reconcile employees with activities as much as possible. In warehouses, ergonomics is also an important factor to consider. Moreover, it requires some essential points, as presented below:

    1. Adopt carts for material handling

    Carts are great partners of the warehouse worker; they must have an adequate height so that employees are inhibited from performing spine flexion, squatting or excessive trunk shifts and rotations.

    These described movements, if performed repetitively, increase the risk of injury, fatigue and loss of efficiency during the working day due to steel structure warehouse design.

    2. Fractioned items must be packed in boxes, ordered upon request

    Such care will facilitate the manipulation of the items, when their composition is completed.

    For greater efficiency, adopt boxes made of resistant material and of reduced weight, with a grip area or ergonomic handles, which allow the visualization of the material inside.

    3. Using ABC curve during steel structure warehouse storage

    When placing the products in any Storage Systems, the addressing for the allocation of items must come on the ABC Curve of the same.

    For greater efficiency, it is always suggested to adopt the logic of promoting the placement of the items “Curve A in the most ergonomic positions. Paradoxically, the items “Curve C (less important products)” should assume less ergonomic positions.  The items in “Curve B (medium importance products)” must occupy the other addresses.

    4. Create benches or elevated workstations for item handling activities

    Properly dimension the space, create benches or elevated work stations. The user has all the resources available for the proper performance of the function in steel structure warehouse design.

    5. Use security devices to protect Storage Systems

    We have column protectors, guardrail and physical restraints. It is easy to install in the existing product. Remember that a defective component may not be the cause, but the consequence of another inadequacy.

    Steel Structure Warehouse Design 2021

    Therefore, it is up to those responsible for the warehouses to adopt the recommendations, regarding the rite of Technical Inspections. Consult the ISA business line to find out how these and other improvements can optimize your business;

    6. “Training” never hurts

    Always experience the practice of renewing any and all types of training required by the warehouse logistics team, especially regarding the training of cargo handling equipment operators.

    The constant changes in steel structure warehouse design, added to the rapid technological advances, demand that those responsible for the operation have all the information so that an efficient, effective and safe operation can take place in practice;

    7. Keep the floor in good condition and clean

    Keeping the floor in good condition minimizes the risk of passing employees and products falling. An important recommendation is to carry out the horizontal signage of the floor, through painting with an appropriate pattern, delimiting the areas destined to the circulation of employees, installation of equipment and reserved for the movement, operation or storage of items.

    8. Maintenance of lighting in steel structure warehouse

    Maintain lighting in accordance with the requirements of the most updated versions of world standards in steel structure warehouse design.

    Dark and overly lit warehouses increase the risk of incidents or accidents and also reduce operational efficiency and expose users to an early fatigue condition.

    9. Employee awareness is essential

    Make employees aware of the maximum weight that each individual can handle, given their work activity and the resources available for this purpose. Also prioritize solutions where, when there is a need to carry any type of item, the routes taken will be the minimum possible.

    10. Don’t save information in steel structure warehouse

    Install visual communication capabilities, making rules, best practices and recommendations accessible to any member of the operations team. Remember to adopt a language compatible with the level of understanding of space users.

    In case of any needs, always consult a professional specialist in Occupational Safety, Occupational Health and/or Ergonomics.

    The abrupt change in the characteristics of activities carried out in steel structure warehouse design, due to the expressive growth of electronic commerce worldwide, has been celebrated in Asia. However, this growth can bring, in the short term, serious problems to employees and, consequently, to companies.

    Why is health of the workers important?

    The separation of products “item by item”, demanded by e-commerce, requires a considerable increase in the allocation of labor for greater efficiency in the operation.

    In this scenario, ergonomics – defined as the set of rules, recommendations and procedures that deal with the health of professionals, inside and outside their work environment – ​​ends up being one of the main topics influenced by the need for operational adjustments.

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