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    Thailand Steel Structure Workshop

    2022.01.15 / by prefab-steel Share

           The Thai steel structure workshop is located in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. The customer’s unmanned vending machine factory needs to expand production, and a two-story steel structure workshop needs to be built. The workshop size is 66 m*40 m*10 m. The customer put forward several requirements for the new steel structure workshop: first, heat insulation and ventilation are required; second, the second floor bears 500 kg/㎡; third, the slope of the roof cannot be seen; fourth, an engineer should be sent to guide the installation.

    Steel structure workshop

           In order to meet the customer’s requirements and save the cost, the designer uses a single-layer color steel plate + glass wool + ventilation ball for the roof, and a single-layer color steel plate + shutters for the wall, so that the indoor temperature is about 10 ℃ lower than the outdoor temperature in summer. The load-bearing of the second floor has been checked and calculated by professional designers with PKPM. The parapet wall on the workshop roof blocks the slope of the roof, making the steel structure workshop more beautiful. And sending engineers to guide is one of our professional services of Hongye Steel Structure, and customers can choose whether they need it or not. If an engineer needs to be sent for guidance, the client needs to bear the engineer’s salary, visa, transportation, accommodation and other expenses.

    Steel structure cabinet

           Because the soil in Bangkok is very soft, the workshop needs to drive piles. After checking, the foundation needs to be 22 m deep pile foundation, so the foundation construction of this project took a long time. After the foundation is poured, the main body of the steel structure is installed. The installation steps are: steel column hoisting – steel beam hoisting – purline installation – secondary component installation – roof panel fixing – wall panel fixing – floor deck fixing – pouring concrete – door and window installation.

    Steel column hoisting

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