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    The Project of Saipan Supermarket

    2021.06.30 / by hqt Share

    Saipan is the largest island in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands in the United States and a Pacific island dominated by tourism. Saipan has beautiful scenery and attracts tourists from all over the world. Therefore, consumption on the island is very active and there is a large demand for all kinds of goods. The owner John is engaged in the tourism service industry in the local area, and mainly provides helicopter sightseeing tours for customers.

    After careful observation and summary, he found that customers who come to travel often need to buy all kinds of living supplies, and the large shopping malls on the island are far away and the prices are relatively high, so he decided to open a supermarket to sell some common daily necessities and beverages.

    Since Saipan is located in the Pacific typhoon area, it is often hit by typhoons, so the customer requires the steel structure supermarket to be able to withstand 15 typhoons. Moreover, Saipan is a subtropical island country with high temperature and high salt content in the air. Therefore, customers also require roof and wall panels to have strong thermal insulation and corrosion resistance. Therefore, we recommend customers to use galvanized steel sheets. The board is used as the rock wool sandwich board of the upper and lower substrates. This kind of sandwich board has strong corrosion resistance and heat insulation ability, which can well meet the needs of customers.

    After the steel structure supermarket was installed, the customer was very satisfied. Because his cousin needed to build a steel structure warehouse, he introduced his cousin to us and soon reached cooperation.

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