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    The Project of the United States Warehouse

    2021.06.30 / by hqt Share

    The project of warehouse is located in San Francisco, California. The client bought a piece of land there, hoping to build a warehouse to rent to a local company. Due to the high labor costs in the United States, the local steel structure materials are also very expensive, so the owner decided to find a supplier with higher cost-effectiveness in China.


    In order to meet the requirements of the United States, we provided the local designers with the physical properties and chemical composition of the relevant materials. The designers began to process the materials after the calculation was passed. After the material production was completed, the customer also sent someone to check the quality of the materials. After meeting the requirements, the container will be arranged.


    After the material arrives at the destination, in order to ensure that there are no problems with the installation, the customer also invited a Chinese engineer who has been doing steel structure installation in the United States for a long time to guide the installation. If there is any problem, he will communicate with us in the group in time. Therefore, the installation process is relatively smooth. Now the main structure has been completed, and the installation will continue after the roof and wall panels arrive on the construction site.




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