Our cooperation process is as follows:

cooperation- flow-chart

1. Free consultation: Please send an inquiry email to us first. The email contains the product catalog or document you want to consult, and our customer service will reply to you within 24 hours.

2. Scheme design: The design department will make a scheme design according to your ideas.

3. Overall budget: After the scheme design, we will make an overall budget according to the content of the plan, and then send you an email and give you a quotation.

4. Drawing confirm: Send parts processing drawings to the mailbox, or send samples to our company. After receiving the drawing, the customer service will submit it to the technical department for serious evaluation. If there is any problem, we will communicate as soon as possible and wait for your reply.

5. Signing contracts: After confirming scheme design and the parts quotation and order matters, sign the contract and confirm the payment of the parts required and the payment of safety matters.

6. Making an order: After signing the contract, make an order.

7. Purchasing materials: The purchasing department purchases according to the list of raw materials.

8. Production: To produce high-quality products in accordance with national and international standards, Customer service will pay attention to and report the progress of parts processing in time.

9. Delivery on time: the parts are processed and delivered to the quality department for full inspection and shipment. The customer service arranges logistics and delivery matters, and reconfirms the recipient or receiving company information before delivery, and completes the payment at this time.