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    It costs cheap, economical insulation. Fast construction speed, beautiful modeling. Lightweight, long service life.  

  • Main steel

    Main Steel

    Steel structure building is an economy building system, which is formed by the main structure (H-section steel for beam/column), substructure, steel roof truss (using a sandwich panel or glass fiber, rock wool, polyurethane), door and window system. Pre-engineered steel structure building is widely used as a warehouse, workshop, hangar, Shed, etc. Each component using welds, …

  • Maintenance materials

    Maintenance Materials

    It is suitable for the following aspects: Construction/building materials structure steel pipe fence post steel pipe. Solar structure steel pipe. Low pressure liquid/ water/ gas/ oil pipe. Scaffolding pipe. Fire sprinkler steel pipe. Greenhouse pipe.

  • Panel


    We can produce various styles of C-shaped steel, and we can also process and customize according to customer’s requirement. C purlin is widely used in purlins and wall beams of steel structure and can also be combined into lightweight building trusses, brackets and other building components, it can also be used for columns, beams and …

  • Secondary steel

    Secondary Steel

    The Z-shaped purlins have excellent anti-bending properties and are easy to install. They are widely used as the supporter of roof and wall in large-scale and mid-scale construction, such as factory, warehouse, garage, exhibition center, cinema, theatre, garden and so on.

  • Steel Materials

    H-beam is light in weight, good in bending resistance, reasonable in structure and convenient in use. H-beam has good seismic performance, saves materials, and also reduces energy and labor consumption. Good appearance and surface quality, suitable for all-weather construction, little affected by climate conditions. It is convenient for machining, connection and installation between structures, removal …