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    The Steel Structure of Project in Nigeria

    2021.03.06 / by hqt Share

    Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and has good relations with China. Therefore, it has attracted many Chinese investors to Nigeria to invest in construction.


    The project of steel structure in Nigerian undertaken by Hongye Steel Structure is that a Chinese company (Shibei Cable) undertook a 120m*90m*8m steel structure workshop locally. Because Nigeria’s industrial development is relatively backward, many products rely on imports. , So the price of local building materials is very expensive.

    Chinese construction companies are also more inclined to purchase steel structure materials from China. They learned through the Internet that Hongye Steel Structure has rich experience in steel structure export, so they also hope that we can provide Nigerian steel structure engineering design, production and installation services!


    And this is not complicated for us, so we ask customers to provide geological reports and local climate data. Design drawings according to customer requirements, and the design department will make the design drawings into detailed drawings to the production department for processing. The steel structure materials After being transported to Nigeria, our engineers flew to the construction site to guide the installation.

    However, because the local workers were very lazy, the installation time was extended from an estimated five months to one year. But because their salary is about one-tenth of that of domestic workers, the owners tend to hire them. Now the Nigerian steel structure project has been officially completed and put into use for more than a year, and the customer is very satisfied with the quality of the workshop.





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