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    • dongguan-steel-structure-processing-plant-02

      ​​Dongguan Steel Structure Processing Plant Off-season and Peak Season and Countermeasures

      2021.03.05 / By hqt / Tags:

    • steel-structure-workshop-02

      Components and Advantages of Steel Structure Workshop

      2021.03.05 / By 2021.03.05 / Tags:

    • steel structure design for warehouse

      How to develop steel structure design for warehouse?

      2021.11.22 / By hqt / Tags:

      In any steel structure design for warehouse, the floor has absolute relevance in the design, execution and use phases, being the element whose function is to support absolutely all the members present in the space – from people to operations. But, on many occasions, the implementation or expansion of logistical infrastructures ends up being unfeasible. ...

    • metal warehouse building 2021

      What is professional metal warehouse building shelves system?

      2021.11.09 / By hqt / Tags:

      Introduction of Metal warehouse building There are different types of Metal warehouse building specifically come with good design. It is to solve any type of logistical need and streamline the processes of storing, processing and shipping goods. The automated warehouses converted into a strategic element of the supply chain and thus value creation in companies. Faced with a highly competitive market and with increasingly ...

    • 5 Practical Tips for Steel Structure Warehouse Building

      2021.11.09 / By hqt / Tags:

      The Steel structure warehouse building floor consists of covering the floor of a logistics system with indications. This security measure minimizes possible risks in the warehouse and, in turn, serves to organize the space. To avoid risks in the warehouse, surfaces intended for storage tasks or areas where movement equipment and pedestrians circulate must mark and ...