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    ​​Dongguan Steel Structure Processing Plant Off-season and Peak Season and Countermeasures

    2021.03.05 / by hqt / Share

    Through the research of the Dongguan steel structure processing plant, it is found that the low and peak seasons of the steel structure industry here are very obvious. We need to adjust our business strategy according to the low and peak seasons of the industry so that the factory can receive more orders during the low season. Obtain high-quality orders during peak seasons, thereby increasing the turnover and profit of steel structure processing plants.

    The main reason for the obvious off-season and peak seasons in Dongguan’s steel structure processing plant is that many engineering projects will be expanded and renovated towards the end of the year, and most of the steel structure projects are carried out outdoors, such as factory buildings, warehouses and high-rise buildings. In the summer, construction will pose a great threat to the personal safety of workers.


    Summer in Guangdong is also the rainy season. Construction is impossible in extreme weather such as heavy rains and typhoons. Therefore, construction in summer will increase the cost. Therefore, many steel structure projects in Guangdong will avoid summer, which leads to many steel structure factories in Dongguan in summer. There are very few orders.

    At the end of the year, orders were in short supply, and many orders could only be delayed until after the Spring Festival or were rejected. Because there are not enough orders for workers during the off-season, which affects workers’ income, some workers will leave their jobs. However, after the off-season is over and the peak season is coming soon, it is difficult for steel structure processing plants to recruit enough skilled workers during this time, and it is difficult to make full use of resources.


    In order to make better use of their own resources, some Dongguan steel structure processing plants have turned their attention to foreign countries to develop steel structure export business. Because the seasons in the northern and southern hemispheres are opposite, we happen to be winter in the southern hemisphere in summer, so the materials we produce are sent to them in winter and spring, which are very suitable for construction.

    Moreover, Guangdong is not far from many countries in Southeast Asia. Customers from countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and other countries like to go to the Pearl River Delta to purchase the materials they need, so accepting some steel structure export orders can make the steel structure processing plant avoid all kinds of resources in the off-season. Waste, and the profit of foreign trade orders is often higher than that of domestic orders, which also helps to increase the profit margin of the factory.


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