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    ​The Rapid Growth of Steel Structure Exports to the Philippines

    2021.03.05 / by hqt / Tags: Share

    Hongye Steel Structure has taken over a major project in the Philippines this year, a 200,000-square-meter steel structure industrial park in Clark Freeport, which uses more than 6,000 tons of steel.

    This industrial park was invested and constructed by a Chinese company in the Philippines. In the first phase of the project, 98 cabinets were delivered. It is the largest steel structure export project that Hongye Steel Structure has received so far.

    The materials for the project are still being transported. The owner hopes to have all the materials transported before the end of the year. Because there is no Spring Festival in the Philippines, they can start construction when we celebrate the Spring Festival, thus speeding up the installation of this steel structure industrial project speed.

    In addition, in addition to this Clark project, Hongye Steel has also undertaken over 17,000 square meters of steel structure warehouses in Manila in the Philippines in the past two years, a steel structure power plant of 2000 square meters in Davao, and 4 steel structures in Cebu and Davao. Structural steel structure projects such as 4S shop, 2 steel structure villas in Iloilo and Davao.

    In addition, a 100,000-square-meter Philippine steel structure factory building plus office building and a 40,000-square-meter steel structure warehouse project are under negotiation. The Philippines alone accounts for one-fifth of Hongye’s annual steel structure exports. This is enough to explain how big the market in the Philippines is. Moreover, the Philippines is still undergoing rapid development, and there will be more markets waiting for us to continue to develop in the future, and Hongye Steel Structure will give you an analysis of the main reasons for the rapid growth of steel structure exports to the Philippines.

    Political reasons

    The investment environment in the Philippines has greatly improved. Therefore, many Chinese and investors from other countries have begun to invest in the Philippines. The Philippines welcomes these foreign investors to invest in construction. Investment activities often drive the development of the construction market. Therefore, the steel structure of the Philippines Demand surged.


    economic factors

    As China’s manufacturing costs continue to rise, many countries have moved their factories to some countries in Southeast Asia and Africa. Because of its stable environment, low labor costs, rapid economic growth, and China’s very close distance, the Philippines can easily purchase a variety of materials, which has a greater advantage than other countries. Therefore, many manufacturing companies choose the Philippines as their production base, which has led to a sharp increase in the demand for steel structure factories and warehouses in the Philippines.

    Capacity factor

    The demand for steel structures in the Philippines has grown with the rapid growth of investors’ construction needs. However, the local steel structure processing plants in the Philippines are small in scale, with limited technology and limited production capacity of steel structures. Therefore, many steel structure materials can only rely on imports. China’s manufacturing industry is developed and the steel structure industry chain is very mature, and it is very close to the Philippines. Therefore, the cost of importing steel structure materials from China is relatively low.

    The rapid growth of steel structure exports to the Philippines is major good news for Hongye Steel Structure Company. Because Hongye Steel Structure Company has three large steel structure processing bases including the Dongguan steel structure processing plant, it has the first-class qualification of the steel structure processing and has passed ISO9001 certification. The annual output of various steel structure materials is more than 100,000 tons. 100,000 square meters, and has a wealth of experience in the processing and installation of steel structures in the Philippines. If you have a local project, you can directly contact Hongye Steel Structure Company. We can provide you with one-stop service of design, processing and installation for your project.

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