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    • dongguan-steel-structure-processing-plant-02

      ​​Dongguan Steel Structure Processing Plant Off-season and Peak Season and Countermeasures

      2021.03.05 / By hqt / Tags:

    • steel-structure-workshop-02

      Components and Advantages of Steel Structure Workshop

      2021.03.05 / By 2021.03.05 / Tags:

    • steel structure warehouse shed

      Advantages of Commercial Steel Structure Warehouse Shed

      2021.07.28 / By hqt / Tags:

      For constructing the warehouse sheds, steel structure sheds are the best choice This article is very much beneficial for those who are planning to construct the steel structure warehouse shed. This piece comes in handy when it comes to building commercial or personal warehouses. Before even finalizing the material, one hence wants to make sure ...

    • light prefabricated cold steel structure warehouse

      Pros and Cons of Light Prefabricated Cold Steel Structure Warehouse

      2021.07.28 / By hqt / Tags:

      Ranging from low-rise housing to multi-story projects, light steel frame is integral Light prefabricated cold steel structure warehouse plays an integral role in the construction of modern architectural wonders. This wide importance of the material is because of its ability to serve multipurpose construction houses. The range of which starts from low rise houses to ...

    • prefab steel structure warehouse/plant frame

      What Are The Advantages Of Prefab Steel Structure Warehouse/Plant Frame?

      2021.07.27 / By hqt / Tags:

      Components of Prefab Steel Structure Warehouse/Plant Frame A prefab steel structure warehouse/plant frame comprises a series of steel components including columns, beams, and purlin, etc. These main constituents frame the load-bearing structure of the warehouse. The steel structure buildings have been the latest trend in modern architecture. High durability, perfect quality control, fast installation process, ...